Our story

The Lesbiche Senza Frontiere (LSF) group was born as a spin-off of the I.O. project (Immigration and Homosexuality) and of ArciLesbica Zami in July 2018. For many years in the I.O. especially men arrived. Lesbians were few, but there is an acceleration around 2017. Faced with a larger numbers of migrant lesbians, in 2018 we decided to give life to the Lesbian Without Borders group.

The I.O. was founded in 2009 to offer an orientation, legal information and social support service for LGBT migrants. The I.O. also wants to counter racism within the lesbian and gay movement and introduce the issue of intersectionality and combat lesbophobia and homophobia among migrants.

The ArciLesbica Zami association of Milan was born in 1996 and chose the name Zami as a wish that our movement could overcome the racism and indifference that comes from the privilege of those who are white and could really become a movement of many colors. Zami is a Caribbean word that indicates the women who work together as friends and lovers and is the title of the autobiographical of the African-American poet and writer Audre Lorde (1934-1992)

The activists of the group are not paid, they work as volunteers. Once the basic needs are met, migrant lesbians can offer a lot to the lesbian community. We wish that more and more women who have approached us as “users” remain in the group becoming in turn “operators” of Lesbians without Borders, activists and, why not?, Leaders in the lesbian and feminist movement. We try to enhance the skills of each to arrive at an equal exchange. As Carla Lonzi said, we make the movement to find friends and partners.

We are a newly born group, yet in May 2019 we won the INTERSOS and UNHCR call for participation. Thanks to the funding we were able to create this site, the logo, the postcard for the Milan Pride that allowed us to be known, to organize a film club on lesbian and / or migrant issues, social and solidarity dinners and a series of meetings aimed at active citizenship.


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