Who we are?

We are a group of refugees lesbian women, asylum seekers and migrants. We come from all over the world. We are here to talk about our lives and our relationships, to confront ourselves about our problems and to feel good together.

In this group we can speak freely of our being lesbians. It is a safe place for all lesbians. Meetings are held in English and Italian and, when necessary, in French, Spanish or Arabic.

Our needs are different from those of other migrants, because too often we cannot count on the support of our compatriots in Italy because of our sexual orientation and we face the racist prejudices of part of the LGBT community. Furthermore, services for migrants are designed and provided without considering the dimension of sexual orientation.

We have been forced to leave our countries because of persecution for sexual orientation, often leaving in a hurry and without a precise migration project. We could no longer remain in our country because we risked being abused in the family, physically attacked, raped or arrested as lesbians. In general, if it were not for the harassment due to our lesbianism, we would have remained in our country of origin.

Many of us are in CAS and SPRAR of Milan and the province, but also in other Lombard provinces.

We dream of a world where no lesbian is forced to leave her home and her country. We dream of a world where borders do not count and all people have the same rights. We dream of a world where women can love women in the light of day.


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