Politically Black

What does it means for me to belong to the Lesbian Without Borders group? For me, it was to become aware of my being politically Black. What does it mean? my white friends ask me. One thing I understood is that you are not born Black, you become, in fact, it’s white people who make you feel and understand that you are Black, whatever the color of your skin: African, Arabic, Asian, Caribbean, South American, Aboriginal…

I have white skin, but my surname and facial features easily identifies me as foreigner. I did kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school here. An episode among many: my mother arrives home after the umpteenth meeting with my teachers, enthusiastic about one of mt teacher. Perplexed I ask why (he does not shine for beauty or charisma or sympathy or anything else) and she: “It is the first time that one of your teacher stands up to give me his hand!”.



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